Nytt tvåårskontrakt med Joakim Hedqvist

44 mål gjorde Jocke Hedqvist under säsongen. Nu blir det ytterligare 2 säsonger som spelare i IFK Vänersborg

IFK Vänersborg has signed a fresh two-year contract with Jocke Hedqvist. That means that No. 57 will play the bandy in IFK through the 18/19 season. Hedqvist became the Player of the Year season that lasted for the second consecutive year and is highly motivated for two new years with Blåvitt.

In addition, the parties have mutually agreed on a long-term declaration of intent with the ambition to utilize Jocke’s bandics, networking and experience in continuing to develop the club’s sporting activities.  In concrete terms, it means, among other things, that our youth business will receive Jocke Hedqvist’s knowledge and work efforts in the coming season.

 ”It feels great that Jocke plays a couple of seasons in IFK and that he also plays a significant role in the future development of the association,” says Tommy Hjert, vice president and player in IFK Vänersborg.